Saturday, December 02, 2006

AT&T or SBC or PacBell Booooooooo!

Well, this is where I vent, right? Okay, so I’m thinking about how far a little bit of bad press goes. Very, very far. And, in this case I would like to talk about AT&T…formerly SBC…formerly PacBell. All these years we’ve had the same service with them for DSL. It wasn’t very stable in the early days. It got better as time went on. But, lately it tanked. It went right down the toilet in a very big way.

We have not have DSL since before Thanksgiving. I’m using the old fashioned dial up service and paying DSL prices for it. I just called them to find out how much it would cost if we maintained our current email addresses and changed our service from DSL to dialup….from over $50 a month to $15.95.

Now, interestingly, we just committed to paying $19 a month for 6 months for a broadband connection with Comcast. After that it’s going to go to their normal price which, I think, is probably slightly less than what we’re paying now for really slow internet connection via AT&T which doesn't work anymore. We’ve already got television with Comcast and love it. Now, we’ll have high speed internet too. For a little bit more than the price of dial up with AT&T. We’re waiting on the modem. I’ve already got a cable. I’ll need some help stapling it into the corners of the wall going from the television, across the room to where DeeDude’s computer and the router is.

And, it should work.

But, the question is, do we stick with the old email addresses and use Comcast for our access to the internet…or, do we make the switch completely?

In any case, I’ll decide as time goes on. It’s going to impact me more right now because I’ve got a case of the ass against AT&T. DeeDude is much calmer about it and doesn’t really care one way or another.

You know what really burns me up? In all the conversations I’ve had with people at AT&T…formerly SBC…formerly PacBell not a single one of them ever said, “I’m sorry.” Not one. How much does it cost somebody to say, “I’m sorry”? If one of those people had said that to me I wouldn’t be here now venting about them.

I suppose that’s the beauty of the internet that it gives a regular person like myself some feeling of control. So, I will upload this and somebody else who has had a problem with AT&T, or SBC, or PacBell might come upon this little entry someday and be more interested in what I have to say than the folks who work for AT&T, or SBC, or PacBell.

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