Friday, January 19, 2007

Appearance Actually Does Count

I made red bread yesterday. Very strange. How this came about was that I decided to fancy up the sugar in my sugar bowl with some red sugar used for decorating cookies that’s been sitting in our kitchen cupboards for years. Hey, sugar doesn’t go bad, does it? Anyway, I dumped this sparkly red sugar in with the plain white sugar and it looks really festive. So far I’ve seen it turn the milk in my cereal pink, which was pretty cool.

So, last night I’m whipping up a batch of bread to get going in my Breadman bread machine. I love it. Just dump everything in the bowl, turn it on and 3 hours later you’ve got bread. The house smells marvelous and I feel like I’ve accomplished something of note even though I really didn’t do a whole lot.

I put in the 3 tablespoons of sugar the recipe calls for. It’s the fancy red sugar. The dough takes on a reddish tinge. I figure since I’m already in experimental mode I’ll add some other things too. A pinch of bran flakes. A cup of wheat flour to replace one of the cups of white. A serving of mashed potatoes (with skins) that was left over in the refrigerator. Some parsley. A sprinkle of herb seasoning and dehydrated onion flakes. Some sesame seeds and some poppy seeds. Then, I got over my creative urge and stopped.

After it was made I served up half a slice to DeeDude who requested raspberry jam on his slice. He said it was very weird. I had honey on mine and if you shut your eyes it isn’t half bad. But, a savory bread with sweet stuff on it just isn’t right.

Now, my sandwich this afternoon is very strange. It’s not PB&J, but baloney and cheese. Tastes okay, but that pink bread is very strange. I don’t think I’ll do that again.

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