Friday, March 09, 2007

What I Do with Spam

I don’t know that I’m any different than anybody else in that I utilize my awesome psychic abilities to sift through my email. I open up my email program and 150 pieces flow into it. I’ve got 2 spam filters set up so they catch a lot, but there are generally a number of pieces that manage to come through. Rather than spend time opening them up to see if they are really spam quality and/or just plain pain’s in the butt or if my first inclination was the correct one and they should be dumped, I’ve moved more consistently toward the side of dump first and fast.

What this does, though, is present me with a problem and that is I might inadvertently have dumped someone’s legitimate email. After some time of being concerned over this I decided not to worry about it. There’s an unspoken “rule” out there that if you don’t hear from somebody you’ve emailed you email them again in a few days. And, if they are a close enough acquaintance and you also happen to have their phone number, if you haven’t heard an answer from them via email after a reasonable length of time you telephone them.

It’s amazing what ridding yourself of a small worry can do to the overall picture of health and wellbeing that is me.

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