Saturday, May 19, 2007

Where I Dream

I’ve got a 3 day weekend with Saturday morning arrived and birds tweeting happily outside of my window.

Two interesting dreams last night. Not like 3 nights ago when I awakened screaming 2 different times during the night. Anyway, the first involved a huge rainstorm which was accompanied by the sea rising. Ding donged house floated away. Folks in the house were leaving for safety. I’d already seen that my sister had the animals and was handling getting them all out safely. I think there were three dogs on leashes and then a cat in a bag she was carrying.

I was the last out and was farting around trying to get stuff to take with me. At the last minute I thought of my medicines, but they were upstairs in the medicine cabinet and I didn’t think I’d have time to go there. DeeDude’s camera lay on the counter and I considered taking it with me, but then wasn’t sure if the battery was all charged up or if there was a reason he was leaving it behind.

I was in the process of opening the front door to leave when I awakened from this dream. DeeDude, my sister and other people had already made it across the flooded area which was once the front lawn…though, thinking about it now, it couldn’t have been the front lawn because the whole house had slid right off of its foundation. It started as this vibration I felt as I peered out into the back yard part of the house. Water was rushing past the corner of the house.

Actually, that part of the dream where the whole house tumbled end over end and then finally landed was pretty interesting. I was upstairs when it happened and I was able to grab hold of a bar to hold me steady and in an upright position as the entire house turned around me as it tumbled. I was terrified, but the guides channeled through my mouth, “You will be all right. You will be all right.” It wasn’t my own voice, but the deeper more gravelly voice of the guides that came out. As I heard it I calmed down and first thought they wouldn’t be saying that if it wasn’t true and then considered that sometimes their view of reality is very much different than my own view, but if I was going to die then it really would be okay because of what I’ve learned from them and they had just said so.

That was the first dream.

The second dream involved a huge lot of people. Again, disaster had struck, but not in the form of a natural disaster. This was more in keeping with an invasion. That part of it was all very vague, but what wasn’t vague was the incredible exodus of people. Somebody had handed me a tiny little kitten. She was white with blue spots. I had at least 2 back packs and various other bags and was trying to gather the stuff that I’d need as I fled to safety and still keep track of the kitty at the same time. People were milling all around me and all of them were making their way thata-way. My family, DeeDude and others had already gone ahead of me and I had this sense of I’d better get a move-on quickly.

Anyway, packing these bags was difficult. I kept deciding the things I’d included were not really that necessary and was able to cut down on a lot of the stuff I was going to haul off with me. Meanwhile, in this hall, like an exhibition hall with hundreds of shops or vendor’s counters I’m sort of using one counter to rearrange my stuff and as people are going by they are helping themselves to the stuff I’ve laid out before I’m able to get it back into my backpacks. I see what’s going on, but figure that’s okay too, I really didn’t need the stuff. But, then I begin helping myself to other stuff that doesn’t belong to me. Some guy passes behind me and comments about the jacket I’m wearing which is a wonderfully embroidered thing I’d somehow lifted along the way and said, “Nice jade.” I’m thinking that my jacket isn’t jade, it’s embroidered, but maybe I’m wearing a jade necklace or something. I don’t understand and go back to packing and arranging my backpacks.

It’s time to leave and the zippers on both packs are broken. I figure, “What the hell.” And just move on with the tide of the exodus toward safety with my broken zippers thinking maybe there is a way later to somehow secure things. Also, now the kitten is missing. I look all around before I launch myself into the tide looking for her and calling her name. I find all sorts of other newborn cats around, but not the one I’m looking for. I have a vague sense of loss as I leave.

Moving with the river of people I join up with a couple of the people I work with, my boss and another few guys. I feel safer as I travel with them. The crowd has thinned out, though, and I realize most of the folks have already made it to safety. I shouldn’t have waited as long as I did.

We get to another building with big glass doors, an inner smaller room, more big glass doors and the whole way a large flight of steps going down to an auditorium where all the people have gathered for the big announcement on what’s going on. I can see people moving into the room beyond, though these are the stragglers and most folks are already there. Here we are up at the top, not yet in the building and they’ve locked the doors. There’s a security guy guarding the doors, turning people away. We ignore him.

Big cables snake on the other side of the doors at the bottoms. Huge locks. I push on the doors and they give way. Just a little bit. There’s enough slack in the cables with all the doors on either side of the one I’m pushing on that if I lie down on my back and shinny in, like I’m doing the Limbo, I can get through this set of doors.

I get through, but only with the help of the others pushing and holding the doors open for me. I wonder who is going to hold the doors for them when they want to come through. But, I don’t wonder long because I’ve got the next set of doors to deal with. That’s when I awakened.

So, what do these dreams mean? I don’t know. They sure get involved. I love when I channel in them. I sure wish I could have been lucid. I would have made a boat appear in the first one and gotten me a large set of bolt cutters in the second one.

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