Sunday, July 22, 2007

That Very Thin Veil

One of the things I try to be aware of when I'm reading other people's blogs is the neato bells and whistles they've got on their pages. I just finished reading somebody's blog and discovered that they had ads above their entries. I had no idea I could do that. I'd actually tried, but just had not considered having it be a part of the blog itself. So, here goes and I'm trying that out. And, even though right out of the box it doesn't seem to work I'm still going to keep this one in. We'll see.

Other than that what's going on? I'm reading Lisey's Story by Stephen King. Terrific. Just terrific. I'm only through the first quarter of it and yet it keeps sounding like one of the Gunslinger books. The old style archaic speech. And SOWISA - strap it on when it seems appropriate. A gunslinger would do that. Frightened and yet brave, all at the same time. Can't be anything but brave. Strap it on and do what needs to be done. Gunslinger. Just my thoughts about it.

Also, considering the very thin veil between what we can see and feel and touch and what we experience in our very real and very solid realities and what goes on in the quiet places, in the invisible places on the other side of that veil. Like I said once before, maybe more than once, it was reading Stephen King that sent me over the edge to channeling. It's all very real to me.

I had to somehow in my mind reconcile all that I was experiencing and be able to function appropriately in my own very real and very solid reality. Hearing voices and yet at the same time being a productive and responsible member of society not ready to be laced into a straight jacket. Right. Walking and chewing gum at the same time.

Over the years I have gotten used to it. I can be having a conversation with somebody and hearing a voice from Spirit in my head all at the same time. In the early days it was very disconcerting. I have always been able to tell them apart; who is "real" and who is "Spirit". But, as the years have passed I am able to function normally and not give it away that somebody in Spirit just cracked the one liner to end all one liners to me. Sometimes I just can't help it and give it up with a crack of laughter that explodes into the wrong place in a conversation. People do look at me funny then and I will cough and try to cover it up somehow. A long time ago I tried saying, "Sorry, a private moment", but that seemed more awkward than anything else and ended up drawing out the awkward moment. Now, I'm better at smothering the explosive laughter and turn it into a cough or a snort. Good thing I don't have gas on a regular basis.

Anyway, I can so relate with the folks in Stephen King's stories. It's like they're doing what I'm doing. Only, they are frightened. I'm not.


Happily Anonymous said...

I haven't read a Stephen King book in years. I used to be an avid fan though.

Dizzy Dee said...

I've been trying the ads within the post, but mine just didn't look natural. Like they were out of place you know?

So for now I'm sticking with google ads in my sidebar. LOL...

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Simply Bananas said...

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sir jorge said...

stephen king is amazing to inspiration

ads are cool too...clicking on them is great for all :)