Saturday, January 05, 2008

Chili From Hell

Before I get started I thought I’d like to relate the latest conversation I had with the guides.

I had gone to Curves this morning to work out. On the way home I stopped by our local grocery store, Lucky’s, to pick up some cat food and whatever might either supplement our dinner plans or replace them. Said dinner plans involved eating out of the cupboards for a change.

So, I’m poking through the store and am idling past the meat counter. It occurs to me that chili would be interesting. Certainly, I knew that there were cans of beans and tomatoes at home which would satisfy the eating out of the cupboards requirement. Just a win-win situation.

I unloaded everything onto the kitchen counter at home to wait for when I was going to begin preparing it. I was thinking maybe early to mid afternoon in time for dinner. Then, I went to take a dump. Now, it is not extraordinary to have a conversation with Folk in Spirit while I am sitting on the can. It’s just convenient. There’s not much to distract you from paying attention to what they are saying. Precedent has actually been set when Eileen Caddy said in the book, The Magic of Findhornthat she used to go into the restroom to channel because it was quieter there.

So, I’m thinking about everything arrayed ready to go. I’m thinking maybe I’d better put the hamburger into the refrigerator since it may be a few hours before I get to it.

Then, we commenced talking.

Guides: Why don’t you just start the chili now?

Me: Now?

Guides: Yes, you’ll finish it up early. It’s always better when it’s had a chance to sit around for awhile, anyway. And, you’ll have time for other things to do this afternoon. Plus, you won’t be tired when it comes time to start cooking.

Me: That sounds like a really good idea.

Guides: Yes, and we could help. You could call it, “Chili from Hell”.

Me: Hahahahahahahah.
Here's Dennis having the first taste. We agree that it turned out well. The secret ingredient was some brown sugar and a swirl of Log Cabin syrup. Sounds weird, but it turned out delicious.


Madison said...

It's good to know that I'm not the only one that conducts other business while on the throne. I find that this is when I have the best conversations with myself ans sort things out more clearly.

Miladysa said...

hmmm... I had never considered it happening while you were - as Madison so nicely put it - on the throne :)