Sunday, February 24, 2008

Company Coming

Here's a hint that might help folks to get your house picked up. You pretend that company is coming. You might actually be somebody who gets a lot of company. In our house we don't see more than our neighbor for long stretches of time, but DeeDude informed me yesterday somebody is coming by on Monday to see how he puts his books together. They've given him photos to use for previous projects and the man just wants to see the creative process at work.

I looked at DeeDude yesterday and said, "You know what that means, don't you?" He said, "He might not even come farther than the computer. Remember the lady who came and I picked up the place and she didn't even go past the front door?" I said, "It doesn't matter. It matters that the place is clean and picked up and we know it is clean and picked up. What if she wanted to go into the bathroom and there were cat turds all around or something awful like that?" He reluctantly agreed.

So, for about 20 minutes this afternoon DeeDude and I need to do a, "Company Coming Cleaning".

The good thing about this method of cleaning is it doesn't last very long; just about half an hour or so, which isn't all that long when you think about it. It's a mad rush through the house picking things up and putting them away. In theory if company is parking their car on the street outside you can throw things into the closets and just close the doors. If you have time you vacuum. If you don't have time you get the dust buster out and hit the highlights.


Donna said...

LOL....I'm seriously going to try this!!!LOL....

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Actually, we never did get around to cleaning up the house. I think DeeDude did a little bit before his friend came over. But, the winning moment came when Captain Jack (a cat) took a dump. This is not a regular cat dump. Jack takes sonic dumps. It's been proven that Jack's dumps are powerful enough to peel paint off of the walls. Anyway, Dennis took care of it. I'm glad I wasn't there.