Friday, February 29, 2008

Elvis and Pat

I say things like, “You should record your dreams.” I don’t take my own advice. So, here to remedy that is a selection of a couple of my most recent dreams.

The first one this week Elvis was there. It was really cool because a dear dog we had when I was young was also there. Elvis was playing with him. When I woke up I said, “Too bad I wasn’t lucid. How much more cooler could it have gotten?”

The next one I remember is I was once again in the hallowed halls of learning. Me, an old lady who was going to go back to university. Only, there were crowds all around. It was confusing. It was a madhouse and I really didn’t want to be there. My room hadn’t been vacated by the previous occupants and it just didn’t look like I belonged there. I said so, which is the first time in one of these learning dreams that I’ve said I don’t belong there anymore. In the next scene I’m in a hallway wending my way past hoards of students and finally I get into the administrative area. I’m much happier. I said, “I’m a secretary and this is where I am comfortable.” Then, I see an old lady who is crouched on the floor trying to gather flowers that have fallen. I lean down and say, “Pat? Do you remember me?” She is nearly blind, but she says, “Sure I do, from about 20 years ago.” The lady I’m with sort of steers me around Pat who was our office manager back when I was a secretary at the University of Maryland all those years ago.

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Donna said...

I really wish I had the "push" to write down my dreams, the First thing I wake up!! I've had some wonderful ones but when I wake up, I'm too darn lazy to do it!!!lol Is there a remedy for being too lazy?!!! Have a happy time today!!