Friday, February 22, 2008

Something Wierd

A preface to this bit of channeling. It was a joke. They were pulling my leg. But, it does make you think.

So, we begin. Our plan is to take over the world. We have nothing against those of you who presently reside here. We just don’t see you as any use to us in our own future plans. So, as we take over the world we will be relentless in overcoming and correcting the damage as we see it that you have caused. First of all is the violence towards each other and toward the plants and animals and oceanic life of all who dwell on your planet.

The leadership you have had is abysmal and we will be shooting all who claim to be politicians into space. They can be there together and see what they do in a space ship with no running water for the rest of their

Also, life-spans will be cut somewhat. People will begin to last about 40 years rather than the 70 or 80 that you presently have. You’ve just fouled it all up and that was your chance. Why spend longer trying to get something right that you never were able to get right in the first place.

There will no longer be cities or farms. There will be small collections, pods of people. There will be no health care, institutionalized as you have it now. It will be home remedies for all.

No fire trucks. No police. No lawyers. No farmers.

You’ll be eating out of the stock piling of cans you have for a long time. Spam will be king.

Now, with that done we will move on to a more realistic view of things.

All of that was a warm up.

It could come to pass. A meteoroid could hit the earth, cause immediate climatic changes, upset economic systems and life as you knew it would be but a memory.

Are you going to worry about it? Should we start thinking of you as Chicken Little?

I think not. Have the prayer in your heart that you do good. That you learn much. That you pay attention to spiritual matters and your life will progress as you planned it once upon a time.

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Donna said...

I'm working on it!! But how on Earth, do you "help" others to wake up???