Sunday, May 25, 2008

Using DeeDude's Laptop and Watching Television at the Same Time

This is a sort of test post. I'm using DeeDude's laptop in the living room. First 48 is on television: She knows more than she's letting on. Yeah, go ahead. Have a cigarette. Who were you with? Bailey said she was with Trap in the trailer last night. Two other people, a man nicknamed Blow was also in the trailer. Did anybody get into an argument? "No!" Somebody knows what happened. What do you think happened? Bailey thinks Blow might have shot Trap.

And, does Trap have anything to say about this? If my family ever came across this I think they'd be upset with you. Well, I can't help it. I talk to dead people. Did they ever catch who shot you? No. They're still looking for them. Are you sure? Well, I'm the one who died aren't I? You'd think I'd know. That's not what I mean. I mean I can be a sucky channel sometimes and maybe I didn't get it right. No, you got it right. Maybe we can wait for the end and see what the detectives think. Now, they've got the lady you were with on TV. She says she doesn't know anything. Do you believe her? We've got to take a time-out while they work on the other case.

Man, it seems I'll do anything not to write my articles. Hey, this is getting hot. That's what happens to laptops. They might be convenient, but they also use up a lot of heat. In about 5 years the technology will have advanced so much that the laptops will use less energy. So will a lot of things. Do you figure that people are even going to be remotely interested in this post? It depends, Dear. If they want to see what it's like for one person to channel they would be. As far as what we are talking about I would imagine not. Why not? Are you attempting to start an argument with me? Well, that might be more interesting than blathering about. You cannot win. You do realize that, don't you? Yes. I'm just funning. Right. Funning. New word. Pulling your guide's leg is what you are doing. I wish the show would come back on again. I want to know if the stuff Trap was saying is true. Dear, there is a reason you don't do psychic readings. Right. You don't have to rub it in.'s on. Be quiet. Take your fingers off the keyboard, dear. Yeah, yeah, that blurry guy knows something. That's why he is blurry. They have put him into a witness protection program. See, he says Blow did it.

Okay. I'm a sucky channel. They've charged Blow with Trap's murder and he is currently awaiting trial. So, I didn't channel that correctly when you said that they hadn't caught the guy.

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