Sunday, October 19, 2008


Our coffee pot may be on the fritz. For some time now water would puddle on the counter. I had thought it was just us not being all that careful as we poured water into the well. Yesterday, after my husband insisted something was wrong with it, I watched water trickling from it as it brewed a cup.

My husband and I drink different brands of coffee. Our coffee maker is only a 4 cup job and once one person gets their coffee then the other person brews their particular brand. It might sound like a pain in the behind, but we’ve gotten used to this routine.

A long time ago I became entranced with using a French Coffee Press. They had one on an episode of, “As Time Goes By” and I thought it was really neat. I bought one. However, there were always a few grounds that slipped through. The advertised number of cups per pot wasn’t enough to fill our big mugs, the coffee cooled off quickly and eventually the carafe broke. I hadn’t gotten another because of all those problems, but I still considered it to be sort of neat.

Then, farting around on Amazon one day I saw that folks had started making thermos versions of the coffee presses.

And, this morning I purchased a cornflower blue version by Planetary Designs from Amazon. This looks really neat and if it works well I will get another one so we can both have our own.

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Donna said...

Ours isn't on the fritz but we just went and bought a new one...Happy day sweetie!!hughugs