Friday, October 27, 2006

The Best Teacher

You know, I'm not even all that sure that I like fried grits. I just know that I heard somebody say that once....a somebody who eventually drove me up the wall...and I liked the saying.

I'd like to address from a psychic standpoint, or even from just another standpoint, the idea that even though somebody comes into your life who irritates the crap out of you that person is, most likely, somebody you're going to learn an awful lot from. Hence comes that wee bit of wisdom that states: The people who you can't stand are probably your best teachers.

I've run into a whole lot of people who irritate the hell out of me.

What I'm trying to learn about these days is forgiveness which goes hand in hand with me having issues that date back decades with a whole bunch of folks. In each and every case my feeling is that I was, in some way or another, abused. I was shouted at. I was embarrassed. I was horrified. Whatever. And, consequently, I reacted. And, I'm not proud of how I reacted. Mostly, holding a grudge all these years. This is what I'm trying to deal with now.

Psychics aren't known particularly for being honest and upstanding people. But, there are many out there who are. Mostly, though, we are just ordinary folks. I have, however, met a few on the edge, but, hey, it is weird in the early days. And, I was weird too. Some people would say I'm still weird, I think. Mostly, though, I settled back into being ordinary.

What's different is I don't tell everybody what Elvis just said.

But, I think of myself as more than a psychic. I think of myself as the Dear Abby of the psychic world. Sort of. And, to that end I need to feel good about myself, my place in the world and what I'm doing. So, I'm looking at forgiving these days.

Must remember to add cats to my list. I just crossed my feet at the ankles and transferred half of the turd I'd stepped in from the bottom of one foot to the top of my other foot. At the same time I gushed it between my toes. That was why Fluffy wanted out. She was trying to get away from the scene of where she left it on the bathroom rug. Arghhhh.

Isn't it interesting how the universe provides exactly what you need the minute you need it.

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Babsbitchin said...

Isn't it funny that it took me 47 years to figure this out. Good point and have a great evening!