Sunday, October 22, 2006

Not Exactly Venting

Just an update. Part of creating a blog with the beta blogger program wasn't entirely to have an area where I can kick the kitchen cabinets in anonymity, but also to just test drive their program.

The hook for me was the ability to use labels to classify entries. What I've been unable to do easily is to find a 3rd party program I can use with my other 2 blogs, one which is still an old blogspot blog and the other resides on my server. Anyway, I just discovered today that I can add in code from other sources and put the old Statcounter code on this template to see who, besides myself, comes to visit.

I also wanted to see if I could upload pictures. I've had a bear of a time with the old blogger blogs getting pictures up. Maybe they are concentrating more on the new stuff than the are with the old.

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