Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm Still Mad

Using a 56K modem sucks. I don’t know how people enjoy the internet. Maybe they turn off the pictures. Anyway, our SBC/AT&T DSL is still not working. We still don’t have Comcast hooked up and are waiting for their modem to come.

In the meantime our cat hating neighbor is again seeking to cause problems for us. The last she confronted me I told her to either call the police or get a lawyer. This time she went to our landlady. We told our landlady that we are not the only people in the neighborhood who have cats. Also, we told her that the cat hating neighbor and I have been on the outs for the last 3 years. This is her way of getting back at us, a parting shot before she leaves. She is rousing the neighborhood to be against us. 33 years old and still lives at home. I have no regard for her. One of the guides asked me, “You want me to smite her?” I laughed and said, “Please.”

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