Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Where The Universe Says, "Get Cable"

Crap. This is my blog to vent in and I'm going to say poopy words if I want to. Stupid AT&T or whatever the hell name they go by these days. I've had it with their service outages. This is where the universe lets us know to go to Comcast Cable. Which we will do at the earliest opportunity.

AT&T....started out as PacBell...then, went to, it's AT&T again. They charge us triple what they charge new customers for 3 times as slow a connection...all because we have the old copper wires. And, to upgrade? Well, the kind customer service rep told me once that they would have to cut off our Internet connection for two weeks while at least two teams of people came through to give us the new fiber optic lines. Yeah, right. Like I can take off time from work to wait for them.

Anyway, I'm really mad now and I anticipate having a totally new email address by Christmas. Something I did NOT want to do until we moved, but this just really sucks. Right before a big holiday and the Internet goes down.

By the way, I'm hooked up using the old dial up feature, which, at least, still works.

Bye Bye Pac Bell!!!!

Note: After work I got home and we still did not have our DSL service. So, I signed us up for Comcast. The modem is coming. The special is $19 a month for 6 months. No contract. No commitment. A free Modem (after rebate) and a refund of $100 somewhere along the line. It's almost as though they are paying us for using their service. What a switch is that from the phone company?

And on the plus side? Maybe the spam will stop. A guide just said, "Maybe the sun won't rise again either." LOL

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