Sunday, January 21, 2007

Telephone Manners

Okay, this doesn’t actually have anything to do with things psychic. It’s just something that irritates me. Communication in business while on the phone.

Nothing irritates me more than not being able to understand people when they talk on the phone. Mumbling? Speak clearly. Chewing gum? Spit it out. Holding the receiver down by your adam’s apple? Put the ding-donged phone up to your mouth. Bad connection because of your phone? Please invest in a telephone or a telephone service which will allow you to speak in an understood fashion to your business connection.

Anyway, I think it is piss-poor bad manners. It irritates the shit out of me. And, if you want my money or my company’s money? And, I can’t understand you? You’re not making a sale with me or my company because all telephone messages start and stop with me, Buddy-Ro! And, I know damn well that if you’ve managed to irritate me you’re going to irritate my boss even more.

And, if you’re arrogant? Ha! And you think I’m going to pass on your message without an editorial comment to warn whoever it is that you’re an A**hole? Don’t bet on it. There’s always room to write, “This guy wants money and he’s a twit, or a turd, or an arrogant A**hole.”

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