Sunday, March 25, 2007


Occasionally I find myself in a rut. At first I don’t always realize that it’s happened, but I will eventually realize that it’s been awhile since I’ve done something that used to be important to me. Sometimes, doing those things is difficult and that could be why I hadn’t done them in awhile.

One of the things that I could be doing on with greater frequency is looking for links for my sites. Yes, I could pay somebody else to do it, but in my heart I feel like I’m going to be doing a better job of it. I don’t just want a link to anybody’s site. I want it to be relevant and special. I have a certain standard that I want to uphold.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen that I am moved to sit down and spend 3 hours at a shot (which is what it took me today) to ask for links to 5 different sites. Spirit moved me I guess. Anyway, it started with me stumbling upon a spiritual retreat site. Right away I knew I wanted to have a link at their site and they would be perfect for my own spiritual retreats page. Unfortunately I didn’t have one. So, part of my 3 hours this morning was spent in creating a resource page for Spiritual Retreats at Talking to Spirit. Tell me what you think.

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