Friday, April 06, 2007

Conflicting Advice from Psychics

This is in answer to an email I got yesterday talking about conflicting information from psychics.

I think the reason why you're seeing conflicting information coming in from different people is that is just because they are different people. Spirit, from what I've observed, is seen, is perceived through a person's belief system. So, somebody who was inclined to deal with dark things might see a wicked or malevolent spirit. But, the SAME spirit in touch with somebody who is very much a religious person is perceived and thought of to be a saint or an angel or even God. Same spirit. It's just how the person is perceiving spirit to be. Does that mean the info is wrong? Even though it's all conflicting? No. It means you need to take it all with a grain of salt.

One person might say, "Okay, you're a ditz. And it isn't likely that you're going to stop being a ditzy person, so, no, I do not see you as ever being happy in this lifetime. Year after year you are going to blame other people for the bad things that happen to you and you're never going to take responsibility and realize that you cannot have the love you're thinking of."And, somebody else would say, "Yes, there is hope for you if you learn to take responsibility for your own actions and stop thinking everybody has to make you happy. The only happiness you will ever find in your life is the happiness you make for yourself."

Two different answers. Same information coming from two different people. It's just how they are set up. My advice is to continue to get all the different readings you can and then examine them all to find that common thread that is running through all of them. That's where you will find your own truth. And, it does not mean all the psychics you go to are cheating you. They are human beings and they are perceiving the information they get in whatever way they were raised and through their own belief systems.

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