Sunday, April 15, 2007


Tell me, is it worth it to try to repair a toaster oven or should I just go out and buy a new one? We've been through more toaster ovens over the last 5 years than I can count. Actually, I can't count them because I don't remember how many, but we do have a rather large collection of the little pans that come with them. About 5 I think. That would be one a year.

So, psychically, the answer is to just buy a new one. A cheaper one this time.

For $24 I can probably get one that works as well as the more expensive models I've gotten in the past. Hey, who says I can't learn new tricks?

Actually, I'd like a toaster that talks to me. "Hey, Lady! Your toast is done and getting more done by the minute. You'd better come check on it." That would be for the medium setting. Or, maybe, "Hey, my pants are on fire! You'd better get in her real quick!" That would be for the high setting.

Or, how about a toaster that plays music and talks to you. While it's toasting you could be listening to some music and when the cycle is over the toaster starts in with, "Hey, Lady. Stop dancing. What do you think this is? A music hall? Your buns are done. Get in here."

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6000 said...

You can't count to 5?!?