Monday, May 14, 2007

Blog Children

It’s taken me a little bit of time to get accustomed to having more than one blog going on at a time. My oldest blog, The Spirit Moved Me and Look What Happened has been around to the tune of 431 entries since August, 2004. My next oldest blog is Learn to Channel, started in November, 2005 with 47 entries. The middle child is Where the Psychic Vents. I’ve had it since October, 2006 and it has 47 entries. Other blogs, depending on what I’m concentrating on are: Learn Spanish With Me with 36 entries since January, 2007, Where I Read Books since April, 2007 with 7 entries and Where I Bead with one measly entry when I started it in April, 2007.

The idea is to develop a blogging base, draw traffic to each of the blogs and especially feed it back to my website Talking To Spirit. I’ve had that going since August, 2001.

Mostly, it was all started to reassure people that there is something to look forward to after you die and to help folks with their grieving. As a side line it morphed into a place where I could give pointers and tips to folks who wanted to learn how to channel too. As I gained weight, developed diabetes, got mean and started going through menopause I needed a place to pull my hair out. That’s when The Psychic Vents was born. Now, that I’m taking lots of Kava Kava, St. John’s Wort, Black Cohosh and other assorted minerals and vitamins I find that I have more energy and have spread my blogging efforts out to other areas.

But, what I was faced with was the idea of being psychic and an upstanding spiritual person with The Spirit Moved Me and Learn To Channel. Then, I could piss and moan and say bad words with The Psychic Vents, try to learn to speak Spanish with Learn Spanish With Me, write about the books I read on Where I Read Books (since I’ve been forgetting I read them and tend to check them out from the library repeatedly it would be nice to keep a record of them) and maybe start some beading projects with all the bead supplies I’ve been buying for years and not done anything with.

So, there it is.

What’s next you say?

Well, I should lose some weight. I could have an exercise a day. Like with this entry I just did 10 minutes worth of walking in place with Leslie Sansone…and, with this one I jogged in front of the microwave amusing (worrying) the parakeets while I waited for my tea to nuke…and, here I strained my back on the new exercise bicycle we have out on the patio. Sort of like the exercising other people do…hit and miss…miss mostly.

Another thing would be the letters I really need to write. Like one entry could be a letter to my father. Another to somebody else I haven’t written to in ages. That might be interesting. Sort of private, but hey, what’s a blog for anyway?

Okay, what else? Chores. I hate chores. Could you make a blog to help you do your chores? Like having a to-do list and each time you do something you blog about it. Want to hear how I do laundry? How sometimes I sort and sometimes I don’t? Like the time my husband’s underwear was pink for 2 months before it all faded to a very soft, almost not even noticeable pink color? Right. Hey, I just got a steam cleaner…We could take pictures of the gross cabinet paper that I need to get off the shelves before I can put nice new paper down.

Can you tell I just took a dose of Kava Kava? What can I say. The stuff really works. It's a good thing DeeDude doesn't read this stuff.

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