Sunday, May 13, 2007


You know what’s depressing? It’s a sudden weight gain without really knowing that there is one single reason for it. Like I’ve just put on 5 pounds. Five pounds to somebody who is already over 100 pounds overweight doesn’t seem like much, but it actually does make a tremendous difference. First is my morale. Which sucks. Secondly, just that little bit turns a, more or less, comfortable pair of pants into something akin to a sausage casing. Thirdly, I can feel myself spiraling into a depression. Which sucks.

I'd thought that it might be in some way related to what I thought was a kidney stone and all the water I drank on Saturday. Which went in but never seemed to come out again. But, the pain in my side has gone away and maybe it just all evaporated???? instead? Sheesh.

So, what I should do is just continue on, as before, with breakfast and lunch, which have always been okay and sew my lips shut after dinnertime.

Sounds like a plan.

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