Friday, May 18, 2007


So, this weekend the plan is to write another 2 articles for the June newsletter. It’s funny, but lately I really don’t know what I’m going to write about until just before or after I’ve sat down and gotten serious about the whole thing.

It’s generally not my style. Usually, I’d warm up to a subject by thinking it to death for some time even before I sit down to have a go at it. What’s been happening lately is I would get into a “mood” of acceptance for some gem to come to me from the ether that I could talk about. Though that worked for a long time, the last few times I’ve set myself down at the computer it has not worked. What happened is I’d set myself to zone out, move into “mood” and nothing happened. That got a bit frustrating and as my own personal deadline of a week before publication loomed nearer I’d start panicking. It’s not like I’ve got a publisher breathing down my neck and it sure wouldn’t hurt to be a couple of days late in getting my newsletter out, but my own “rule” the last few years has been to have it in the email to folks on day one of the new month and up on my website about a week prior to that.

So, what happened last weekend was I sat down with absolutely no idea of what I was going to be writing about and neatly penned two articles with no problem at all. I will be doing the same thing this weekend.

Not that there isn’t anything wrong with moving into “zone” and waiting for “mood” to happen. I’m just trying out a new technique. I wonder what I should call it? Ha. Some guide just said, “work”.

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