Saturday, June 09, 2007

Give Me Some Advice

When you go to a psychic you expect to get some advice. You’re totally free to discount it once you’ve gotten it, but that’s sort of what you expect. It would be a total nothing to sit there and have somebody look you in the eye and say, “Well, I have nothing for you today. I have absolutely no advice for you, no comment to make, nothing, nada, zip.”

So, if you don’t always need a psychic where are you going to get some sort of insight into your life or your behavior from anyway?

Well, if it is advice you’re looking for you could just pick up a magazine. They are full of good advice. How to be popular. How to live longer. What supplements to take and which ones to avoid. In fact, if you listen to the stuff they talk about in magazines and on the internet long enough you’ll see that much of it is contradictory.

It gets confusing.

“I thought that was good for you. I’ve been doing that for the last 5 years thinking I was doing a good thing for my body and now you tell me studies show that people who do that are likely to keel over before they are 65? Yikes!”

What if you want to do something that is bad for you? What if you want to engage in a risky behavior or if you want to eat cream puffs until you are 347 pounds? Are you going to cut short your life?


Then, why do people do that?

Why do people do bad things that are obviously bad for them? Against all advice and studies to the contrary they still insist on engaging in harmful behaviors? Why?

Deep down inside of you is your soul. Just pretend for a moment.

Deep down inside of you is that kernel of cosmic star stuff that is from source. Actually, every bit of you is that, bur for the purposes of this exercise imagine, just pretend that you are reaching inside to see, to experience to know that inside part of you.

Okay, I’ll wait while you reach. Past the pancreas. Keep looking. Farther. Look inside your heart. I’ll wait. I know it is there. You’ll know it when you get there because likely you’ll feel a little humbled and start crying. Hey, it happens to the toughest of us.

So, get to where you aren’t afraid. Get to that part of you that is smart. Get to the part of you that is connected. The part that doesn’t wonder and worry about whether they are dressed well, or are saying the right thing. Lost it? That’s okay. It’s still there. Quiet yourself and knowing where you want to go be silent for a few seconds.

The idea is to get a little bit of advice from yourself. All you want to know is are you doing the best thing that you could, all things considered be doing? Are you doing the bravest, most uplifting, useful thing possible?

I waited and the word came to me. Smile. That was it. I started crying. It was so very, very simple. It was so easy for me to do. I can handle that right now. I can smile.

It made me cry.

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