Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Oh, this is funny. I’m tired. I admit it. I really should be going to bed, but I kept surfing the internet, just allowing things to move and figured I might come upon an interesting site. Except, I got confused. And, I was puzzling over this, about how old and tired I am and how at one time I was a sort of savvy internet person. Now, I’m not too sure. I was also bemoaning the fact that I’d love to have a popular blog, or at least more readers and possibly even, hold your breath, make some money doing it. I’d just gotten done reading about what some bloggers are making and it would take your breath away.

So, I was thinking about content and about how I really don’t want to write about what I do at work and then feeling sorry for myself that I really don’t have a whole lot to talk about for the other parts of my life. Then, one of the Folk in Spirit I talk to sort of piped in to help. They said, “Just do the psychic thing. Erase all that and let me help. I’ll get their attention.”

So, I did. I erased everything and with a fresh clean page that Person in Spirit had me type out, “This is Elvis.” Hey, it got my attention.

Good night. We’re leaving the building.


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Hi Lady Skye Fyre -

Did you see Erin Pavlina listed on my list of blogger salaries?

(Thanks for linking to me, by the way.)

With her psychic readings she makes even more than I reported. She emailed me and said she makes closer to $90,000 per year.

Just amazing.

Not that I'm advocating a certain type of contact with familiar spirits, as the Bible calls them.

But I know there's some kind of fine line between soothsaying and Godly prophecy, and I'm still learning what that line is.

Take care and Happy 4th of July,

Latrelle said...

Ha! Loved the spiritual punchline :) Thanks for the info. Love your blog.