Saturday, July 14, 2007

Five Things You Can Do to Become Psychic

I've been working on the articles for next month's newsletter. Sometimes I will use the material first in a blog. Today is no exception. And, I figured it would be a nice change from me whining here. That's a big LOL, folks. Anyway, something different.

The most sure fire way to get me to read an article is to start it out with a short list of however many ways the author figures it’s going to take to do something. Ten sure fire ways to lose weight. Eight sure fire ways to be instantly romantic. Five sure fire ways to get a job. Even if I’m really not all that interested in doing whatever it is that the author is promoting I’m going to at least nibble at the article.

So, seeing as how I’m always on the lookout for inspiration or at least a boost in productivity I thought, “Why not five ways to increase your psychic ability?”


  1. Odd as this sounds it is actually important for you to pretend for awhile that you are already psychic. Actually, everybody is psychic to one degree or another, but many times we just don’t acknowledge it. Or, we take it so for granted that it never occurs to us to think that what we have been experiencing all these years could actually be some sort of psychic phenomena. It’s a really fine line where your attitude, your state of mind and what you believe begins to create a reality of your choice. Again with the dieting, part of a successful loss of weight is to envision yourself as slender. You’re pretending being skinny. Eventually, done often enough, it’s going to work.

  2. Become familiar with meditation. Meditating in and of itself is not going to ensure that you become psychic but it is going to help with the process. Actually, meditating is something that can help with a whole lot of what you do. You’re an inventor. I would recommend meditation. You’re a teenager with a lot of angst. I would recommend meditation and journal work. Which leads to the second item.

  3. Start keeping a journal. Again, this by itself is not going to ensure you become psychic. It will help with the process. As you move towards being something else than what you are not obviously now, whatever it is that is your inner balance is going to be disrupted. Even if you were moving toward a really desirable outcome, like you want to be slender. There was a reason you were fat all those years. Through brute force becoming skinny is going to upset the applecart of comfortable fat land. Writing down your inner thoughts in a place where nobody can see them ensures you can write whatever you want. Hey, you can destroy the journal at the end if you want to. But the process of writing your thoughts is going to help you work through whatever psychological whatzit’s you need to work through in order to achieve your heart’s desire.

  4. Read what other psychics have to say. Read Jane Roberts, read Sylvia Browne, read Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. Read, read, read.

  5. And finally related to item four is to hang out with psychics. Wayne Dwyer once said a really good way to become psychic is to hang around them. He said the condition is contagious. What you can do if you don’t have any obvious psychic people in your town to bum around with, is to go to a psychic chat room and listen to what folks are talking about. That, in my book, counts as contact. I’ve presently got 2 rooms to recommend: Spirit and Soul and Indigo Crystal Mountain Chat

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hello my name is hector torres and since i was 8 years old ive always seen bright colorful colors around people but sometimes they go and come back i want to know what im seeing if you can explainit to me?