Tuesday, July 31, 2007

An Upbeat Attitude is Hard to Beat

It used to be that I was mildly productive with personal things I’d do at work during my lunch time. I have half an hour and during that time I’d spend 15 minutes eating and the remaining 15 minutes checking my email, looking at what I hadn’t made on Google and possibly hammering out a quick PayPerPost entry. No longer. At least, not for the foreseeable future. And, maybe this is a good thing.

I’m trying to think in terms of what is the best possible outcome. I suppose that’s why they call people Pollyanna. My name is Pauline. So, like when my husband broke his back. The spin on that with the up-beat attitude is that he was actually heading for the freeway that day and if he’d made it he would have died. Instead, somehow, we don’t know why or how, he ended up in front of the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, right in the middle of lunch time traffic unconscious from a seizure and now with a broken back. The seizure was so strong it bucked him violently in the car bad enough to break his back. He is recovered now and is able to do everything he was ever able to do before, including having run a marathon in Sacramento some years ago. It's things like that happening that make me think of the miracles that happen in our life.

So, instead of bemoaning the fact that my routine is changed (and probably going to change a lot more as time goes by) I can instead think in terms of I’m moving into a new position. Somebody else is going to be doing my job. And, life moves on. I suppose they’ll have another 6 or 7 years out of me before I crap out. Maybe longer.

So, I guess instead of fearing the changes I can embrace them. It takes a load off of my shoulders. Right. With that one thought I feel better.

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