Sunday, September 23, 2007


I’ve been even tempered lately, which might explain why I haven’t made any entries into this blog. As I move into the weekend I have more time and energy to make entries into my 5 blogs: The Spirit Moved MeWhere I Read BooksLearn to Channel Where I Bead Learn Spanish With Me One Word a Day - and this one – Where the Psychic Vents. There's also Talking to Spirit that I could spend lots of time tweaking too. This weekend I updated all of them except the Books one (I’m still reading, “The Reeve’s Tale” by Margaret Frazer) and this one. Like I said, I’ve been mostly even tempered lately.

Except, I figured I could grouse around about this: I’m thinking about making another blog. You think I don’t already have enough to do? I’ve got a full time job. I just embarked on a cross stitch project. I’m thinking about doing the NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month in November. And, I’m thinking about another blog? It’s happened at last. I’ve gone over the edge. Maybe this is a new reaction to trying to lose weight. A new way to express tension?

Anyway, what I was thinking about was a food blog. They are very popular. I see the number of comments that come in at 101 Cookbooks, one of the blogs I like. My blogs have never seen that many comments. Face it, what are people interested in? Food. Sex. Losing weight. Money. None of my blogs address those issues. Instead, I go for spirituality and the psychic angle. Sort of interesting, but not something folks are going to be riveted by. Not unless I can get somebody in Spirit to talk about sex on the astral planes.

Now, the question is can I somehow get this food blog to have a psychic angle? Or a spiritual angle? That would be interesting.

You might ask the question of why I want a popular blog? Well, I spend enough time at it. I see the number of hits that come in. I also have yea olde ads parked along the sidelines that are supposed to make money. Hand over fist. Yeah, right. It would be nice to make a bit of dough. If there was enough to pay the rent each month I’d be happy instead of dinner at McDonald’s. I’d be real happy. So, after all of this we get down to what’s really bothering me. I’d like to be making some money at this.

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