Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tuning Up my Computer

I had a bad problem last week with spyware. I downloaded a program for $30 from PC Tools called Spyware Doctor. This program did a real good job on clearing my pc up. The problem came later on as my whole system started moving real slow. I’d get error messages that my virtual memory was low and Windows wanted to do something to fix it. Whatever Windows did I didn’t notice any perceptible increase in the speed of which my usually zippy pc zipped along.

Then, all the programs started being real slow. I knew I had to do something. I called my computer guy who said to unload Spyware Doctor and only use it when I’m under attack. He said spyware programs are really big and take up a lot of memory. I did as he said, and things picked up again. But, I was nervous that it might happen again. In searching out solutions on the internet (mostly from Windows) I came upon Microsoft's offer of a 90 day free trial of their online One-Care Virus and Spyware Repair Tool program (good on 3 pc's). It’s a tune up sort of a program and they promised that it would monitor against threats, etc.

I figured, “What the hell” and I downloaded it. So far it’s been pretty good. My computer is actually faster than it’s been in ages. The price on the service is $50, though I've since found out it can be gotten from any number of places for less money. Microsoft has countered with a $20 rebate. I’m thinking I really like being able to listen to my music, surf the internet, check my mail and use Word all at the same time. This one may be a keeper.

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