Thursday, November 15, 2007

When Spirit Whispers

Yikes. If I were to save this as a word document it would helpfully suggest a title of Yikes. That’s about it. All this time, all this ding-donged time I’ve had folks who click on my book, “When Spirit Whispers” go to where the $10 paperback version is available at Duh, we talked about the $3 downloadable version but, nowhere was it in sight. What a twit. Anyway, I have fixed it on all of my blogs and on my website. Good thing I use one of those virtual thingies at Talking to Spirit so that I only had to change it once.

I’ve got tomorrow off from work. I celebrated by having 2 cups of coffee this evening. I mixed the coffee up with 2 spoons of decaf and 1 of French Roast. Then, to make it interesting I poured some vanilla extract into the carton of Half-N-Half; instant gourmet coffee creamer.

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