Thursday, January 03, 2008


Northfork is a dreamlike film. It’s a town in Montana that died in 1955 when a newly constructed dam claimed the land. Things change and this movie is about a team of 6 men paired off into 3 groups that move through the mostly evacuated town of Northfork to hurry along those who have refused to move. The incentive is for each group of men to be able to say 65 residences were cleared. If they do they will be awarded 1.25 acres of lake front property.

This is a very strange film, but I really enjoyed it. It is about angels and how we are all angels. It is how you might not recognize an angel when one appears before you. Nick Nolte (our favorite weathered angel) is a priest in this story and ministers to a dying little orphan boy abandoned by his adopted parents.

It is the story of Erwin as he straddles life and death and how death becomes as interesting as living is. James Wood, Peter Coyote, Daryl Hannah and Nick Nolte are in this film

Northfork is a breath taking movie and I’m glad I watched it. I downloaded it from Netflix and watched it right on my computer. What a deal!

I would recommend it to anybody who would like to not only be entertained but to be prodded a little bit in a different direction. Where? Your decision, but I think you will be moved if you watch this film.

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