Wednesday, January 23, 2008


It’s been awhile since I took the time to put pen to paper…or fingers to keyboard which just doesn’t evoke a really interesting scene to my mind…so, pen to paper. It works.

Why? Because I’ve been distracted. Today, after 2 weeks of healing from the installation of 3 crowns I returned to my dentist asking for him to look at the blob in my mouth. Said blob gets bigger and shrinks, but always it is there. I think the blob was getting infected. That’s what I saw yesterday when I looked at it with a mirror tilted into my mouth quickly trying to get a look at whatever it was that wouldn’t go away before my breath fogged up the mirror. It didn’t hurt. It does now.

They used a laser to cut it off. There was a pocket underneath it that I couldn’t get clean. So, I suppose it was infected.

Like I said, now it hurts. Spirit was wonderful as I sat in that chair. This time they said, “Go away. Go far away.” And I imagined myself in far away places. Glimpses of waving grass. Sunny blue skies. It was helpful and I thanked them afterward.

The good news is the thing in my mouth is gone. The bad news is they’re going to have to do all my crowns over again. Maybe it will work to pull them out and re-cement them, but my dentist thinks he’s going to have to do them over again from scratch. He said they wouldn’t charge me nor did they charge me for the visit and the work they did for me today. I was astonished. So, I made an appointment for a month from now. Give my gums a chance to heal up again. Maybe I can lose some weight doing this.

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Donna said...

You know, I really worry when someone says, don't worry, we won't charge you....I think "someone" did a big BooBoo and hopes you won't get wise to it. Have you a way that you can get it checked out by another dentist??? I think I'D feel better!!LOL
Much love to you Sweetheart...