Saturday, February 16, 2008

On Being an Ass

I find a lot of people who might be classified as asses in my life these days. They’ve actually been there for some time. And, they are not going away. So, this would bring up an interesting point about why they are there.

If you ascribe to the idea that when you were born you had in place a number of lessons you chose personally to move through in this incarnation and if you also ascribe to the idea that your higher self is there pulling the strings and presenting you with situation after situation where you might learn about your particular lesson…well, I begin to wonder about the assholes in my life.

It’s actually sort of eerie.

So, I figured I could devote some time to thinking about them.

The first thing I feel is that not a one of them (well, maybe one) actually considers themselves to be an ass. I mean, I probably would qualify as an asshole, but I don’t go around thinking I am one all the time. So, turn about being fair play, I figure they must feel the same way. Another unsettling thought occurred to me and that is the rule of like attracts like. Could I be a closet asshole and not even realize it?

Is this why I have no friends? Or, am I just, by nature a hermit like old soul who happens to be an ass? Why, would I even think I am an ass? I can make the odd cutting and sarcastic sort of remark to the expense of somebody else (not within hearing). Is that bad manners? Probably. Is it the mark of an ass?

Just what are the earmarks of an ass? Other than long ears and a braying voice? And, why an ass? The ass is a noble member of the animal kingdom. Stubborn maybe, but that does not make you an ass.

This is actually sort of difficult. I’m casting about trying to write articles for my March newsletter and while this is an interesting subject I don’t think it appropriate for the newsletter. So, I’ll post this to the blog and start with another fresh piece of paper.

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Donna said...

I've Never met an Ass I didn't like!LOL...Cheer up have!!!LOL...well, you do!!