Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Morning

I have a job. Lots of people do. Sometimes I don’t feel like being there, but I go anyway. We’ve got bills to pay and the money I earn there is necessary for my family’s finances. Also, I’m expected to be there every morning and stay through the day doing “stuff”. What’s my point? I do this every day. Well, every week day. I’m regular as clockwork. I can’t point to any great body of work that I complete every day as what I did that day. I just get stuff done; the things that come up. Sometimes I have time to work on a project, but mostly it feels like treading water. But, if I weren’t there to do the stuff I do I think a lot of people would be unhappy. So, even though this isn’t a particularly soul satisfying job it is necessary for both my finances and for getting stuff done at my company.

My point? If I were as regular with my at home projects, if I chipped away at them the same way I show up at work every day I would have a hell of a lot more done that I could point to.

For instance:

All my jewelry projects. I’ve got lots and lots of supplies. Now, I have an Ott light to be able to see well anytime at all. All I need to do is clean up the area, organize my supplies into a more manageable collection and have at it. So much to learn. So much to do.

All my web-based projects. Oh, these are extensive. Some of these I started years ago and have just not continued on in any consistent basis. Most would have to do with updating Talking to Spirit. There’s something wrong with that site that it just needs a facelift. A new page or something. I’d started one called, “Last Words”. The last words famous and not so famous people have uttered as they slipped this mortal coil. That was a project I felt I could get my teeth into. I’d like to move forward on it.

More reading. Well, I am moving forward here. Books all over the place. Reading 3 and 4 at a time. Maybe try to concentrate on one and get it done.

Writing. It’s like a surge, an ocean wave that washes over me periodically. It’s this compulsion to put it onto paper. What? Anything at all. What I’d like for this to be is a focused putting down on paper. Let’s have a point to it; a goal. That’s what I’d like.

Why am I in such a hurry to do this stuff? I feel time is slipping away from me. The years just compress upon themselves so quickly. I meet people and say, “What? You were in diapers the last time I saw you.” It seems like only yesterday and now the person in question is in high school.

So, that’s it for this morning. Wish me luck and maybe I can get a bit more organized this morning.


Anji said...

I'm managing some writing - at last. You didn't mention, cooking cleaning, washing and ironing - I'm sure that figures in the 'to do' list everyday!

Donna said...

You'll make that "start"! Now that I've read Your post, I'm looking around My house...shaking my head. You're right! It's Up & At 'em time!! Thanks for the mental push sweetie!!