Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Always Stop For Red Lights

I’d like to talk about boring. Like, I think I’m pretty boring most of the time. But, if people were to get a peak into my inside life with the guides I’m thinking they wouldn’t think it was so boring.

Like yesterday on the way home from work. There’s an approach of road that dips down and then goes uphill toward a stoplight. Inevitably, when I arrive at that particular light it is always red and I’ve always got to be stopped for a bit before it turns green for me. Yesterday, somebody in spirit said to me, “Don’t even slow down. Just keep going and the light will be green.” I laughed and said, “Yeah, right.” But, I did in fact not slow for the red light. At the last minute I chickened out and began to apply the brakes when the light turned green for me.

The guy facing me in the intersection must have thought there was some crazy dingbat lady driving the way I was laughing with nobody else in the car with me.


Donna said...

That's the same for me and parking spots...I don't "hear" anything but I always get a strong feeling that they've saved one for me!lol...I love it! By the way, I'm reading Seth Speaks...It's a little easier to digest then most of my reading lately. Is this the same, that speaks with you? wonderful..You are NOT boring!lol...silly thing! hughugs

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Hi Donna. I'll have to write about picking produce with Spirit sometime. Just the mundane everyday things we do get a bit more interesting when you've got somebody from Spirit helping. And, yes, Seth, the guide I speak with is the same Seth. He is a teacher and is involved with a great many people now. As you read, "Seth Speaks" think of him and maybe he will appear in a dream for you.

Donna said...

Geez, wouldn't that be wonderful?!!
I'll really try to visualize him tonight. You have a happy night Sweetheart, and thanks!hughugs