Thursday, March 20, 2008


I got an email from somebody complaining about me endorsing an absolute fraud on my website. I spent a bit of time looking for the link she was talking about and finally located it coming in as a Google ad. So, I clicked on it (Gods of Google please don’t dun me for a bad click...what can I say?…I was distracted) to find out what she was talking about. Free astrology reading. Okay, so I signed up for it. An email came back almost immediately saying for me to keep looking in my inbox in the next day or so for my reading. I was not asked for my birth time or place which would have really nailed a more accurate reading, but not that many people remember their actual time of birth and I’ve seen other readings where that particular bit of information wasn’t asked. And, there’s also the question of this whole thing still being free at this point. What do you want for free?

But, the whole thing has steered me around to think about what constitutes fraud.

If a person doesn’t like their reading the first thing out of their mouth is fraud. It’s actually why I’m not doing readings anymore. I got tired of people complaining that they could have heard exactly what I had to say from one of those better known psychics. Sort of a backhanded compliment if you ask me, but like I said, I got tired of hearing complaints. Hey, when I spend an hour or two working on a reading I’d like to be paid for my time which, when I quit doing readings was $70. Anyway, I’ve got absolutely no tact at all and at $70 a pop I suppose I should have been gentler. If you’re a twit I’ll say so. People don’t like that. But, twits have just as much right to walk the earth as frauds do.

Casting an astrology chart is almost a no-brainer if you’ve got a nice software program, but is that fraud? I don’t think so. It’s easy.

I’m an old soul. The watchword with an old soul is live and let live. So what? If you got taken by a fraud then you learn and won’t do it again. And, if you get taken twice then maybe that’s a harder lesson for you to learn. What’s that saying? “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.”

I’m waiting to see my reading. And, I might even spend whatever she wants for a paid reading just to see what she has to say. Just because somebody calls somebody else a fraud doesn’t mean that I’m going to believe them right off the bat and even if they were a fraud it probably wouldn’t bother me. Hey, I’m an old soul. I really don’t care.

I could figure out how to ask Google not to run her ads, but I’m nowhere near ready to do that at this point in time.


Donna said...

Did you tape the session for her? Some people only hear what they Want to hear!! Not your problem!! Too bad you let the bad apples stop you from doing what You wanted to do...Psychics are SO needed in this day and age. Especially the good ones. Tons of people not only want you to "see" their lives, they want you to "fix" them as well...sad. Don't pay her any more attention...I love 'ya!!!! Happy Easter Sweetie!!hughugs

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Hi Donna. No, I've done all my readings via written word which isn't as exciting as verbal. I should practice more verbal channeling, though I think I sound like somebody from the hills of Transylvania. My hubby says it's sort of freaky. So, mostly I keep my mouth shut. LOL. One of these days I should get busy making some more recordings.

Paul Hood said...

Hello Ms. Fyre,
I admit I wasn't surprised to see the words "I don't do readings anymore" on the "where the psychic vents" blog. Um, you could do youtube videos but the last channeler we know who did this got a lot of very negative attention. I have a video up but I moderate the comments-- about one comment per thousand views is either negative or too dumb to let through. The rest have been pretty encouraging. Things is, I don't channel and everything about me comes across as "regular guy" and that's on purpose. Otherwise the written word is just fine and I hope you're encouraged to express yourself.