Saturday, March 22, 2008

Do You Hear That Flushing Noise?

If I had my druthers I think I'd take next Wednesday the 26th and maybe Thursday the 27th off from work. I believe spending a really quiet time at home would be the best way to ease past a bunch of really low biorhythms.

If you can't quite see them in the upper picture Emotional (in green), Physical (in red) and Intellectual (in blue) are all in the toilet.

In the second picture Passion (in yellow), Wisdom (in light blue) and Mastery (in fusia) are also in the toilet.

You can get your own biorhythms read for free by going to and clicking on the biorhythm button. All you need to know is your birthday.

This doesn't exactly mean it's going to be a horrible day for me. It means I might have a particularly trying day. I know everything will be okay in the end. I know all will be well. I also know I don't want to burn any bridges or sign any contracts that day and I certainly want to keep my mouth shut.

However, if what goes down also comes back up again then on April 10th it's all going to look a lot better:

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Donna said...

I tried this, and I'm All over the place!LOL..Have a Happy day sweetie!!hughugs