Friday, March 28, 2008

The Shit Key

You know how with computers you can do these short cuts by pressing the Alt key and something else, or the Ctrl key and another key and do some quick operation? Well, I was just surfing the blogs at Blog Explosion and happened upon somebody who was explaining some neat shortcut that could be accomplished by pressing the Shift key and another. Except, my eyes, not being as good as they once were read Shit.

Look, I just woke up. It was this odd little spike of adrenalin as I read about the Shit key. I wondered for a second or two where on anybody’s keyboard there could possibly be a Shit key. This stopped my forward momentum for just a brief glitch in time. And, then I looked at it again. No, it was the Shift key. Oh, my world settled down again. The keyboard is safe again.

Getting old sucks.


Donna said...

God I love coming over here..LOLOLOL.......I hope you have a wonderful weekend sweetie!!!hughugs......

cube said...

lol! I tell my kids that getting old beats the alternative. Once you think about it that way, getting old isn't so bad.