Saturday, March 22, 2008

Where I Got Interrupted

When you are talking to somebody what is the thing you want them to remember about you when you walk away? Is it that you kept saying, “Uh” every other word? Is it that your personal hygiene might be improved by a look in the mirror every once in awhile to make sure you don’t have spinach stuck on your front tooth or you’ve got a booger sitting there waiting for you to do something about? Maybe they’re getting along in years and come from an earlier time and don’t understand the slang you use incessantly. Or, maybe they cringe every time you say, “You know”…which you do say a lot.

Why would you even care? Well, if it’s some girl or guy you’re trying to impress leaving them with a favorable memory will make it easier for you to talk to them next time. What about if you’re going on a job interview? Here’s a pointer. Don’t talk about yourself so much. In other words, keeping your mouth shut and not volunteering information is likely to get you the job more than opening your shirt and baring all.

Does this make sense?

It depends. If it were you going on a job interview you’d certainly, at this point in your life, want to bare all. Tell them you are psychic. Tell them you have many friends you’ve made on the internet. Tell them you regularly purchase things online and use your credit card and paypal to pay for it.

Why are you saying these things? I was writing something. Is this helpful?

Yes, we feel it is.

Well, I guess it wasn’t all that an interesting blog anyway. It was sort of lecturish. I guess.

Yes, that it is.


Well, you haven’t covered it over and deleted it have you?


So, it is in the present tense.

Right. I want a drink.

You don’t drink anymore.

Right. I think I’ll make some lemonade.

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Donna said...

I'm So glad I don't have to interview for work anymore...Owning our own business is a Godsend...but I Still feel awful for the people who come in for interviews...and I don't feel you lecture...I learn when you speak...that's the nice part..learning and caring.
Hope you had a Wonderful day!!hughugs