Sunday, June 08, 2008

Time Management

I’m having a hot flash. I just got a really tingly idea that might be of great benefit today for me. I’m going to set the timer for how much time I will spend surfing the net. It appears I can sit here and get numb butt and sore wrist and not come away from the experience any wiser or with any degree of satisfaction in place.

Hence, the timer. If I apply the rules of universal manifestation to my own surfing situation here I could probably think if it hasn’t happened in the given amount of time it’s not going to happen. On the up side of this supposition is the idea that I’m going to have more time in my day to do other things.

Things that have been neglected lately, like updating this blog and work on my hobbies that have gone by the wayside. I suppose what sort of brought all this about was the question that came to mind a few days ago: What would I do if I only had 10 years left to live? So, I will post this and see how many other interesting things I can do with the rest of my Sunday. Have a nice one.

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tom.mayer7 said...

I spend lot of my time surfing the net! It is enjoyable and can be compared to an obsession.. I can't stop clicking because there are a lot to read and learn.