Friday, June 06, 2008

The Weekend Approaches

So, the weekend approaches. I got up an hour earlier than normal today and find myself with that much extra time on my hands. With it I leisurely watered the plants out on the patio taking time to talk to Mattie who followed me around from pot to pot inspecting the water before it had a chance to seep down into the earth.

Then, I started an idea to talk about how it is difficult for somebody to draw and speak at the same time because they are using different parts of their brains and switching back and forth is awkward sometimes. Left side for talking and right side for drawing. Then, I wondered if that applies at all to my own channeling. If I close my eyes I can channel much faster than if they are open. However, if they are open and I am not really looking at anything in particular the channeling can commence quickly.

Come to think of it I also write best with my eyes closed too. Makes for sucky spelling errors later on, but hey, the price of good writing? Or, better writing.

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Donna said...

I peck at typing!!lolol...since starting the blog though, I'll bet 'cha I can now do 30 weekend!hughugs