Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where I Lose My Voice

Well, I have no voice. Nothing wrong with my fingers, so I can communicate well enough to the world at large, but to my family and at work? Nope.

Started Wednesday afternoon at work and I wasn’t feeling very good. Woke up Thursday am feeling like crap. Diabetes numbers were way up there too. Double crap. So, for the first time since I had a kidney stone years ago I called in sick. That was Thursday. I spent the day in bed, just like when you were sick when you were a kid. Had to stay in bed. Except, no comic books for me. I coughed and wheezed. My chest hurt and I couldn’t breathe. I spent the day taking Nyquil that I found out later had expired in January.

DeeDude made 2 trips out to buy me stuff. I’d told him on Thursday when he’d called me that I wanted SPT that night. That’s Sick Person’s Treatment.

Friday I went to work. Still sick, but able enough to join the workforce. Figured if I was to give this to everybody in the office they’d already had the opportunity to get it. In fact, when I called in Thursday am to tell them I wasn’t going to come in my co-worker said she wasn’t feeling good either. Based on what’s going on this morning I really should not have gone in. My voice was doing really strange things yesterday, up and down, squeaky and froggy by turns. I should have seen it coming and clammed up.

Today, I can’t talk. I spent some time upon awakening coughing up a storm and blowing my nose a lot. I didn’t realize anything was wrong until DeeDude woke up blowing his nose. I went in to say good morning and nothing came out. Figure it’s just a temporary thing and it will come back eventually. I’ve got two days to get through this.


Donna said...

Oh Goodness!! You're not close to any of the fires are you??? I hope not, But it Could have something to do with how you feel!! Oh, and that med that said it expired in Jan? They're good for at Least another year....they just want you to BUY more....GET WELL!!!hughugs

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Hi Donna! I am getting better now. Our air was affected by the fires. This one was a long cold for me. Usually I'll be down for a day or two and only once every 10 years. This has hung on for over a week.

Cassy said...

I go through that a few times a year - losing my voice and all - and I teach 4th grade! I take a day to get over the worst, go back in to school, and find I'm squeaking through math, whispering through reading, then silent by writing...