Saturday, June 21, 2008

While It is Cool

God, it’s going to be hot today. It’s 6:15 am right now and it’s 78 degrees already. Last night after 8 pm it was still 100 degrees out on the patio. It felt hotter than that inside the house. Ugh. Drank lots and lots of water.

Got an object lesson on how important it is for a diabetic to stay hydrated in hot weather day before yesterday. After lunch at work it began heating up. And, I went from okay to a really cranky, really upset and very sick little puppy in no time at all. I thought I was going to faint. I went outside and sat on our steps where it’s a bit cooler for a couple of minutes. Then, I went back inside and decided to test my blood sugar. At 2 hours after lunch It was 187 which for me is sort of edging into really high territory. I drank 2 glasses of water in quick succession and an hour later suddenly realized that I was feeling fine. I tested my sugar again and it had sunk to 114.

Have plans to be really busy this morning. Figure as the day wears on it’ll be harder and harder to do things other than sit here and sweat.

I don’t know where I am anymore, but yesterday I signed up with Feedburner to enable folks to subscribe to this blog via their newsreader (which I’m not all that clear on how to work) and via email (where I am more comfortable). I’m my first subscriber to the email version, so will see what it’s like after I post this. In fact, I’d best do what I normally do which is to fiddle around with the post several times as I tweak it into shape. Wouldn’t want folks to be getting an email every time I decide I see a misspelled word or realize I want to change something.

Okay, sort of answered my own question as I went back into the Feedburner program and read more. I can select what time of day I want my emails to be sent out. I fixed it so it would be from 9 to 11 am, so I'll see in a little bit what happened.

I want to go transfer my membership at Curves today, go to the library, pop into that fabulous bakery on Fruitvale, buy some stuff at Longs after Curves and then back home again. By then it will be hot.

Also, am thinking about rescheduling B's and my lesson for tomorrow from 2 pm to earlier in the day when it will be nicer. Probably better for both of us. I'm teaching her beginning computer stuff. Figure we'll look at what the keyboard does for a bit and how to fart around on the internet. Who knows? Maybe I can develop a bit of a side business if it is successful.

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Donna said...

GEEZ GIRL!!!! You Be Careful!!! I just Found you! I Don't want to loose you over....drinking enough water to stay hydrated!!! I'm going to have a word with your Guide!!!lolol......Love you! Stay Well!!hughugs