Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tossed Up and Tossed Out

Well, there went my lovely ergonomic keyboard. Somebody, we're not naming names, but I think her initials are Fluffy Drawers, threw up a hairball sometime during the night on my keyboard. Actually, the blame for the damaged computer component lies squarely in Mommy's lap because somebody (probably the same cat) threw up the night before too. Except that hairball hit the floor and missed the computer equipment. This is one of those deals the universe hands you sometimes where you go, "Oh, shit. I should have seen that one coming." Big fluffy cat isn't going to just throw up one hairball. I hope she feels better now.

Luckily, I had another keyboard. So, after swearing a bit. And, being saved by Spirit because I turned on the computer without thinking and they said, "Not a good idea." I turned it off real quick. That would have been worse to short the whole thing out with cat throwup inside my keyboard.

I wiped off the surface of the keyboard and then left it upside down on the kitchen counter. Looked underneath after a couple of minutes to find more cat throwup. So, I decided to open it up. Yuck. It was everywhere. Also, there was the usual crud that you'd find inside a keyboard after a few year's worth of use....wet from the cat throwup. It was really gross.

I decided then to just toss the whole thing. Fifteen years ago I cleaned off another keyboard that a cat had thrown up on. It was tedious work and it only lasted for 6 months after that before it bit the dust. I learned my lesson. Don't bother. And, close up the keyboard drawer at night so it isn't in the way of flying hair balls.

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Donna said...

Hahahaha....OhNo......Thank goodness you had another on stashed!! Happy day sweetie!!hughugs