Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Old Dog

I’ve never been a person to learn everything there is to know about something in one sitting. On the one hand I thought for years that I must be dumber than dirt. On the other hand I’m sort of coming around to the idea that I think I just learn in stages. Same thing goes for healing.

So, what sparked this line of thought? I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to intersect two things in either Photoshop or in XaraX. Both of these are nice graphic software programs and I’m a ditz in either one I’m working in. So, rather than get the book out….God forbid….I surfed around on the internet thinking somebody has put something out there into cyberspace about the topic at hand. Well, I got a bit. Except, I’m working with older versions of these program and maybe that’s why the directions won’t work? Who knows. I’d had enough and figured I’d go online to see what’s interesting at Costco since DeeDude and I are heading that way on Friday. It’s a few days before my birthday and maybe we can pick up something nice for dinner and maybe, just maybe, something interesting for my birthday too. Otherwise, DeeDude has promised me that he will help me to organize all my craft things in the study. Right now they are scattered all over the house and I just don’t have a good handle on what I’ve got in the line of craft supplies.

The other thing that sort of intersects into the one hand dumber than dirt other hand slow learner is my jaw. Or, rather what is being called my TMJ. It still hurts. My bite is back again, but it’s a pretty hard bite. My back teeth really, really meet. More so than any of the others. Which is why I sort of come to during the day with me rocking them back and forth. I’d better watch it or sure as shit I’m going to crack them. Anyway, I got impressions made on Friday for upper and lower teeth for a bite guard. Or, it might be a splint. I’m not sure if they are the same or different appliances.

The other advice I’m getting:

Relax more
Deep breathing
Touch tongue to roof of mouth when at rest
Don’t open mouth wider than a thumb’s width when yawning, laughing, coughing, sneezing or singing
Valium only for a little while
Alternate hot and cold
Massage affected area
Eat soft foods
No chewy stuff
No hard crunchy foods like nuts or popcorn
No food that requires prolonged chewing like hard crusts of bread, tough meat or raw vegetables
No chewing gum ever again
Cut down on caffeine
Do not bite your lower lip
Do not bite your fingernails or on pencils
Do not rest your jaw on your hand
Advil or ibuprophen is okay
Sleep on back
Try to avoid stressful situations whenever possible

My sister told me she knows one lady who must wear her bite guard while driving. I got a vision of a croakie attached to the bite guard…sort of like how glasses hang around your neck when you’re not wearing them.

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