Saturday, September 06, 2008

Apply Heat and Then Shake

We have been having hot weather around here. I’m not sure exactly what, but night before last I went out to our patio around 10 pm and it was 80 degrees F. That’s hot. The only time, though, that it really bothers me is in the late part of the afternoon at work. I just slow down and get really stupid. Sorry. Can’t help it. It’s hot. We all try to do as much of our work, the work where we really have to apply ourselves in the cool of the day. Anyway, it won’t last long.

And, last night we had an earthquake. You’d think after having lived here all these years I’d have gotten accustomed to them, but every time I’m like a deer in the headlights. DeeDude was off covering a ball game. He was there to write a story and take pictures. He’s got a new job at The Alameda Sun (shameless plug!). He said nobody there felt it. I sure felt it here.

It was a 4.0 centered about 10 miles deep about 3 miles northeast of Alamo. I suppose that’s about 15 miles from here. I went to the USGS site for quakes just now to see that 11,112 people have reported their experiences with the quake. It was classified as light to moderate; I’ve heard both terms used. I, as noted above, was scared shitless. And, do you think I did the proper thing for an earthquake like run to a doorway? No. I got up and I sat down again holding onto the table. Our two parakeets had gone ballistic just seconds before it started. I remember wondering what the hell was wrong and then it hit. Early bird warning.

It seemed to last most of 10 seconds. Rolling. Lateral movement. Jolted. The whole house moved. Yikes. I know me. I’m going to be washing my hair in a hurry for the next few weeks. That always happens. Where’s the worst place you could be during an earthquake? Lathered up, soap in your eyes, buck naked in the shower. Right, I can’t imagine a worse place. Unless you’re taking a dump.

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