Monday, September 01, 2008

Today is my Birthday!

Hey, today is my birthday. I'm 53 if anybody wants to know. I decided every day of our extended weekend was going to be a celebration. That's the new rule in our house....everybody gets more than one day to do neato stuff for their birthdays. DeeDude has his coming up next month.

Here is the bouquet of roses I got this morning! I was so surprised! We had steak last night and went out for Chinese dinner the evening before.

I'm putting off my birthday present. DeeDude has promised me that he will help me get the study organized so I can work on my crafts. I'm really looking forward to it.

And, lovely, lovely, I had a birthday dream this morning: I was in a house, a new house and locked myself out. I was really irritated at myself because I’d always been the one to caution people against doing that and here I went and did it myself. It was an apartment and I wandered downstairs to tell my story to some people there. They weren’t all that sympathetic. I looked at the clock and could see that my sister would be getting home in an hour’s time, so if I just waited around for a little bit she’d let me in. But, I thought I might check in the management’s office to see if they wouldn’t let me in. The problem as somebody told me was they were going to be asking to see some photo ID and not only had I no key I also had no identification on me.

So, I wandered away from the commotion of the folks there at the apartment, at my home.

I found myself at the top of a really steep hill. It was covered with snow and there were kids sledding and flying down the hill on the seats of their pants. I thought I might do that too. The attraction was a huge carnival or amusement arcade at the bottom of the hill out on a wharf. So, I slid partway down, but came upon two large pipes sticking out of the hill that I was likely to crash into. So, I stopped and carefully made my way past them and went on down the hill.

At the amusement place there were tons of people. All over the place. I was a little uncomfortable, but soon became used to having them all near me. I wanted to put my hands up against the back of somebody’s head. They were a little taken aback, but I asked them if I could try it. They said okay and as I took my hands away from their head I could see this wonderful light green light and stars sparkling on one of my hands. I wondered what it was. I showed it to them. Then, I said to them, let me try it again, but this time I want to do your shoulders. They agreed and I spent a bit more time on their head and then their shoulders. They turned around and said that they felt a little better.

I looked at my hands and both hands held more of the green light and sparkling stars. I said, “Here, let me try this. Let me play with this for a minute.” I cupped my hands as if I were making a snow ball. I then drew my cupped hands apart, put them back together again and drew them out farther and farther each time. I could feel the energies I had cupped in my hands growing stronger each time. Finally, I paused with my hands held maybe a foot apart from each other, one on top the other on the bottom still cupped and I was able to see things in the green light. The first thing I saw was a dollar bill sign: $. I said to the person: “You will be able to make a living here.” Then, I saw other things, things I don’t remember now, but I said them to the person: “You will be happy here.” Then, I saw all sorts of animals, all sorts of wonderful animals and I said, “Oh, look at all these animals.” I was so pleased to see them. It was delightful.


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Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day.