Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pick a Day....Any Day

This morning I got up at my regular time. I was a little off because Shelby, our smallest cat, didn’t make her usual foray into our bedroom to bat at the pictures and walk all over us. I figured she was still pissed off at me for putting her flea collar back on. Either that or she was having a reaction to it and wasn’t feeling well. I decided, first chance I got, to take it off of her.

Anyway, I have a doctor’s appointment Monday morning so I took an especial care with my toilet just because my mother always said you should when you are seeing your doctor. My second “off” for the day was when I tested my blood sugar and the date showed as 10/26. I thought to myself, “I thought it was the 27th. Something must have gone wrong with my meter.” Later on I was wondering how long it’s been off on the date, why I hadn't noticed before this and how that’s going to affect all my readings. Also, when I recorded my weight this morning I noticed that I hadn’t recorded it Friday morning, but then I did a lot of things different Friday because I didn’t go into work that day. Just a nice day off.

So, I got dressed, made my lunch and fixed a bite of breakfast for myself. I’m watching the clock because my appointment is at 8:30 am. Figuring on traffic, finding a parking place and anticipating a bit of a line to get processed at the doctor’s office I thought I would leave the house about 7:15.

Minutes before I was to go I sat down with a piece of toast and the rest of my coffee and flipped on the television. I wanted to catch the headlines before I left. I put it on channel 2 for the KTVU news and watched a man and a lady working a vacuum cleaner all over a rug with tons of crap to suck up. It went on and on; far longer than a normal commercial. This is where I thought I’d landed on the wrong channel. I hit the guide button on the remote and saw it was paid programming. It was channel 2 all right, but no news. So, I looked at the other programs. This wasn’t right at all. There should be news on the first 5 channels. You know what I thought? I thought there had been a terrorist attack and television programming had been screwed up. That’s what I thought. I mean, my heart was in my throat. I started looking at the other listings and the word “Sunday” caught my eye. That’s when it started dawning on me that maybe it wasn’t Monday after all.

I was so excited to have another day off where I didn’t have to go to work, but could do anything my heart desired. I’m still jazzed.


YummY! said...

With my luck I probably would have made it all the way to work before I realized I didn't have to be there.

Donna said...

Hahahahaaaa.....Glad you realised it!!!hughugs

Jason said...


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