Sunday, October 05, 2008

This is Probably Something I Can Work On

One of the things I like to do occasionally is to just pick up and leave. I think this feeling to flee comes from my years as an Army Brat when I could look forward to a move every year or so. What all this moving did was to allow me to run away from problems rather than to try to sort them out. Consequently there is a deeply bred abhorrence in me to face up to situations which require me to have some backbone. Sorry, I’m a wimp. Wimpy Psychic at your service.

So, yesterday I had a situation where I became absolutely furious at the fuckups at my HMO. Kaiser is switching to a more computerized, less paperwork sort of system. The doctor orders labs and the patient shows up in the laboratory for blood draws.

It actually didn’t work that way. And, not only that but I think they did the wrong tests for me. The results are in already and these are tests I’ve never heard of. I mean they could have changed the tests, but I think the lady just picked stuff out to do based upon me telling her I needed diabetic tests done.

So, not only was the trip to the lab all screwed up, but the appointment I thought was in place for Friday of this week was non-existent. Did I have the paper confirming the appointment? No. I didn’t think I needed it. I didn’t realize it would become so important.

On the face of it these are small potato sorts of things. I made another appointment for the end of this month. I’m figuring it will be okay for work. That way I go to the doctor on Monday and the dentist on Tuesday. Also, not something I’m all that thrilled about, but what the heck. It’s only a minor inconvenience that sort of flared up into something that had me livid for several hours.

Oh, and the day began with me spraying gasoline all over the side of my car at our local service station. I should have known better because this is the same pump that has done that to me before. Also, there is no getting a receipt out of that particular pump. Twits. A little Chinese lady came out to see why I wasn’t moving along and why I had pen and paper out writing down what I’d pumped, the price and how much it cost off of the readings of the pump. I tried to pantomime to her what had happened. She just smiled at me pleasantly and intimated that I didn’t know how to pump gas.

I should go check my biorhythms. I’ll bet something sucked yesterday. By the way, if you'd like to check out your own biorhythms I've got a link at down toward the bottom of the page. And, I'd be honored if you'd stop by and see what I do when I'm being psychic.

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Donna said...

WoW! Those are some highs and lows there!!Hahaa....I just Know things will get better...What's that they say ALL the time??? Mercury's in Retrograde....Hahaa...Are you smiling??? Better be!!!hughugs