Saturday, December 09, 2006

Picking Your Nose

Oh, for pity’s sake. I’m trying to see if anybody reads this stuff and picking your nose seemed like a good way to get your attention.

However great picking your nose is over blowing it in a socially acceptable manner into a tissue I’d like to point out that though we wouldn’t think about picking our noses in public people do it in their cars all the time. What’s up with that?

People tend to think they are private in their cars. This feeling of being private has, unfortunately, extended itself to talking on cell phones. All the time I see people who work in the bank across the street from where I work on the sidewalks with their cell phones talking about what I can only think are confidential sorts of things. They stepped outside to be private.

And, interestingly enough, sometimes people who yak away on cell phones with their really private business are sometimes quite loud. Whatever it is that makes their connection not so great the person on the other end can hear them better if they holler? Right. So can everybody else around them.

Come July, 2008 in California it will be against the law to hold onto a cell phone while you’re driving. It’s gonna be fish in a barrel for police handing out tickets.


R.P. said...

Ooo! Funny topic! Why DO people talk so loud on cell phones? I see people here at school all the time in the hallway talking about something strange on their phones. I guess they don't want their roommates to overhear? Instead, anybody in the building can hear!

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Maybe somebody could make this see through plastic privacy bonnet that people could wear as they walk around outside talking on their cell phones.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the cellular phone. The ever-present blight on our fine society (along with liberals, poor people, and the French).

I don't own one. Hell, I don't even own a normal phone. If people need to talk to me, they can come say it in person. Then, when they say something stupid, I can smash their face in with a plank.

Supposing there is such a thing as a "soul" and supposing there is such a thing as "hell" then I always like to think the inventor of the telephone is there now, getting a flaming pitchfork shoved up his ass by a nine foot red guy with horns.

Sigh. So many people, so little time.