Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Swashbuckling Funny

This is a little insight into how I do my psychic channeling. It isn’t something that takes place in a specified area; it’s all the time. So, to lead into this recounting a bit of background info; it used to be that I thought best when I was smoking a cigarette. Then, some 9 years ago I quit. I needed a new thinking place and oddly enough that became my bathroom. In the bathroom you’ve got a bit of privacy. There aren’t that many distractions and I’ve also heard some writers say some of their best ideas come while they were in the shower.

Anyway, this morning I was sitting on the pot. I am reading a terrific romance by Nora Roberts called “Charmed and Enchanted”. It’s one of those 2 books in one and I am into the second one, “Enchanted”. The heroine has had a bit of a problem with realizing her dreams. I know I used to have the same sort of problem. Anyway, I set the book aside to finish up and my thoughts drifted to something I might write about.

Realizing Dreams.

I was wondering about unrealistic dreams people sometimes have and, how they might realize those dreams even though the dreams might be unrealistic. The example that came to me was somebody who wanted to be a pirate. I thought of myself. I work a 40 hour a week job in an office that has nothing at all to do with my psychic self and yet I feel fulfilled as a psychic. I don’t yearn to surround myself with other psychics or with things psychic, but still am wonderfully happy. How could somebody with unrealized dreams, which can certainly make for a great deal of frustration in somebody’s life, somehow come to terms with the idea that they can’t leave their 8 to 5 job to become a pirate and yet have that very same dream fulfilled?

The answer, I considered, might be more along the lines where they immerse themselves in things piratical. They read a lot about pirates, both non fiction and fiction. They could watch a lot of pirate movies. My mind was on a roll with this and I was struggling like a hen about to lay an egg with my next example when Seth, my guide, said, “And, they could go around saying, Yar.” I snorted and laughed at the same time, something a pirate would never do. And that is a quiet look into my life.